Alejandro Larenas & Marisol Morales

Marisol Morales & Alejandro Larenas are a worldwide known argentinean couple dedicated to the expansion of argentine tango. They dance since 1998 and have been professionally engaged with dancing and teaching tango since 2004.

The dance of Marisol Morales and Alejandro Larenas  has a range from pure tradition until the most mind blowing innovation. Reach in musicality sense, a flawless technique and a very skillful and precise method of explaining the evolution of the dance are their main characteristics. Tango for them  is much more than a dance: it is a way of living that through the dance allow us to express inside of an embrace. Their research is focus in the body language. When it comes the show for them is all about improvisation! Both of them have started tango in 1998 in Argentina. In 2004 their paths crossed and they became a professional couple. With more than 20 years of dancing experience, they have been a professional couple since 2005. 

They have taught and performed in famous places in Buenos Aires, such as Club Gricel, La Catedral, Salon Canning, La Ideal, Cochabamba 444, Tangocool, La Viruta Tango, Practica X, El Motivo Tango, Viva la Pepa Milonga, Milonga 10 and the tango performance “Tango New Generation”, organized within the CITA Intenacional Tango Festival (2006, 2007).  

They have completed more than 25 tours around the world in order to present in  seminars, shows and tango festivals, including the following:

Montreal Tango Festival (2006 - 2009), The International Festival of Rimini (2009), 13 Hamburg Tango Festival (2010), 14 Aniversary Universo Tango (2011), San Remo Tango Festival (2010), TangOtoño Innsbruck (2010), Tangoconsharm, Egypt (2010), The Smith Tango Festival in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. (2010), International Istanbul Tango Week (2011). Festivalito de primavera, Zurich (2012). Lisbon Tango Festival (2013). Marca de Tango Festival, Treviso.(2013). Washington Tango Weekend (2014), Istanbul Tango Experience (2015), Pisa Tango Festival (2015), Meditango Festival, Roma (2015), Days of tango Festival Saint Petersburgh (2015 -2018), Philadelphia Tango Festival (2016), Australian Tango Festival (2017-2019), Kunming Tango Meeting (2017-2018-2019) Toronto Tango Festival (2014 - 2016 - 2019), Tango Festival Karlsruhe (2019).

Their first visit in Greece for a teaching occasion was in 2008 and ever since they have returned every year to maintain a core of dedicated students and dance for the brader public. In 2015 they chose Athens as a permanent base, where they also guide regular group classes. Meanwhile, they keep on travelling around the world to expand the tango they believe in.

Their main objective is to help students understand that tango is not only a dance, but also a part of a long trip about ways of life and a deep conscience of what tango stands for and represents. For that reason, they focus of building up the inner base in their students that will gradually acquire their own tango living experience. Thispoint of view makes their classes unique.  

Theodore Georgedakis & Ioanna Papachristou

Theodore has founded TANGart school in 2011. Along with Ioanna, they consider themselves as simple persons who have been touched by the tango culture on a human level. For that, they are dedicated to the expansion of tango and all that it represents.


Theodore began studying the Argentinean tango in 2004, with his teaching action starting in 2009. The crucial point in his career has been the founding the specialized tango educational center TANGart in Athens in 2011, now one of the biggest in Europe.

Ioanna, after a ten-year course in classical ballet, had her first contact and, ever since, been connected with tango in 2010, and the two of them have started a professional collaboration in 2015.

They are more and more active in presenting their work  ain Greece and abroad.

Theodore and Ioanna are a couple of simple everyday people who have been “touched” on a human level by tango, for everything that it represents and offers.

Their love for tango is the moving force for them to continuously share and expand it. This very love is also the base of their teaching and their approach of its core, which is the communication of two people coexisting and co-creating inside a dancing embrace.

Endlessly impressed and inspired by the values and culture of tango, they always dance “impulsively”, just like it has been the rule for a long time in the history of this dance. Thus, they always perform on improvisation, which makes each and every one of their performances different from all the previous, and, as such, unique.

Nikos Dimitropoulos & Marina Siama

Nikos and Marina have been dancing together since 2011 and have had several prizes in international tango contests, as well as numerous performances in Greece and abroad.


Nikolas Dimitropoulos and Marina Siama have been dancing tango since 2006 and 2009 accordingly. They have been dancing and teaching together since 2011 and have performed in milongas, theatres (“Tango love stories”, Pallas theatre, Tango Emotion, Tango X etc), television shows and festivals (Che London Tango Festival, Tango Lovers festival, Tango Unchained, Syros Tango festival, Sunny Tango festival, Patras Tango fiesta, Pa’bailar Spring Tango festival and more).
In 2014, they took part in the championship of Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, Tango Acropolis, where they conquered the 2nd position in the category of Tango Salon. In 2016, they participated in the European Tango Championship in Cervia, Italy, where they reached the final of the category Tango de Pista, while in 2017, they conquered the 4 th position in the final of the same category in the Italian-Greek Championship. They have attended numerous private lessons by world-known maestros and many more seminars.

Both as dancers and teachers, they emphasize on the importance of music and technique, the contact between the couple and the expression of feelings generated by the music, the lyrics and the embrace, always with respect to the tradition and culture of tango.

Since 2014 they are teaching in TANGart, offering group classes of all levels, as well as private lessons.

Jordi Moragues & Elli Karadimou

Elli Karadimou is an actress and a tango dancer and teacher. Jordi began dancing tango in Buenos Aires in 1998.


Elli Karadimou works as a tango dancer, teacher, producer and DJ for more than a decade in Athens and abroad in Germany, Turkey, UK and Italy. In 2011 she won the European Tango Championship in the stage category with her former partner. She was also three times finalist in the Mundial of Tango in Buenos Aires. She worked as a professional actress before starting her dance career and she has trained as a dancer extensively in Athens and Buenos Aires. She used to organize her own weekly  milonga in Athens called  “Lo de Elli” during 8 years and has created and directed three tango theatrical productions in Athens. She is an organizer of several tango events and festivals in Greece.

Jordi Moragues had its first contact with tango in Buenos Aires in 1998. In the following years he learned intensively with various top maestros. He started teaching in 2001. In 2002 he took additional dance classes of ballet, modern and jazz. He has taught and performed in Germany, Holland and Greece and has collaborated in TV and film productions. He also works as a DJ. He was twice finalist in the European Tango Championship and is the creator of the "Tango Tools" YouTube channel. His teaching focuses on technique, musicality, interaction in the dance couple and improvisation skills. His method relies on the use of inspiring imagery.

Panagiotis Triantafillou & Evelina Sarantopoulou

Panagiotis: Despite his young age, he already has a remarkable course in dancing and teaching at North Greece where he lives. Being a highly talented dancer, inspired, playful and grounded, he stands out for his amazing energy, warm embrace and passionate dance.

Evelina: Founder and teacher of Tangart (Athens, Greece), she is well known for her sensitive but dynamic dance, her musicality, speed and strong stepping, while her technique and teaching skills put her among the most recognized teachers in several Greek cities and also abroad (Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Ukraine, Turkey, Kazakhstan, )

His creativity and her experience met to an explosive combination. Their seminars evolve, guide and inspire the students, while their vivid dance stands out for the originality, strong connection and improvising skills.

Ozan Firat & Maria Mantziou

Ozan Firat is a highly experienced tango teacher and dancer with a very long course in the tango community. He started dancing in 1996 and has been active until today. In 2000 he founded Altango, a specialized tango school in Izmir, Turkey, his place of origin.  While in charge of his school, he has performed and taught in numerous countries, such as Germany, Jordan and Argentina. Furthermore, he is until now the organizer of one of the biggest tango events in Turkey, the Izmir Tango Marathon, that has been active for the last ten years.


In  2017, he decided to move to Athens and started the collaboration with TANGart school, where he continues expanding tango by giving group and private classes. He believes that tango is the most efficient and poetic  way to deeply connect people .  His technique depends on the honesty we need to achieve in order to express ourselves in a relaxed body and make the energy flow from one person to another.  


Maria Mantziou had her first dancing experience at the age of 6, through the greek local dance tradition. Later, she spent the years 2000 until 2011 dancing modern jazz, classical ballet and contemporary dance. She has recently acquired the teaching diploma in Ballettoning, which makes possible for her to creatively combine all three of those favorite dance kinds above. In 2008, she made her first contact with latin dances, and the argentine tango. Since 2011 she has been devoted to tango, taking part as professional in local and international festivals, theatrical performances and numerous workshops. She has cooperated with several specialized tango schools, as well as local tango communities of Greece. During the last 2 years, she has maintained a stable cooperation teaching in Libertango dance school in Athens. Her teaching makes mostly focus on a careful use of the human body, based on its natural movement functions. She always aims to raise conscience of the active and complementary expressive role of the woman in tango, as essential part of the embrace and communication. For, as we all know, “it takes two to tango”!

Sergios Linko Tsagkaris

Sergios "Linko" Tsagkaris is a social dancer, TDJ, and self-taught tango musician. Resident DJ in a popular weekly milonga for 2 years, he is now regularly invited to DJ milongas, festivals and marathons in Greece and abroad.

On duty, he is concentrated on the pista and plays accordingly: he's not an educator – his role is to serve the dancers. His tandas are usually very consistent, but occasionaly he's mixing up when it feels right. He prefers the rhythmic tangos of the Golden Age, but keeps an open mind.

Apart from playing the right tanda (and cortina!) at the right moment, a TDJ is also responsible for sound quality. Sergio hunts the latest CD releases for better and cleaner transfers of the old recordings. He also uses professional equipment of audiophile quality DJ soundcards, monitors, mixers, equalizers etc to guarantee great sound regardless of the venue's acoustics.


Athena Ieromnimon

Athena has always had a very special and deep connection to music. Since a little girl she enjoyed making thematic music lists, so Tdjing came to her naturally.

She has heightened intuition and sensitivity so she easily receives the energetic vibes from the pista. She always seeks the clearest & finest sound quality for her music. Lyrics and emotions are also of great importance for her.

Athena started her journey into Tdjing somebyears ago and she has curated the music, sound and mood in several local milongas in Athens such as Milonga como Juego, Milonga Casual, Milonga Rayuela, Milonga Santa Milonguita, Milonga La Yumba, Milonga Tango Home and also in international events such as 2nd Unchained International Tango Festival, 1st Open Role Tango Marathon and others.


Yannis Sfakianakis

Yannis met Tango a couple of years ago and it was love at first sight. Led by an urge to dance more and more as he lives in an island where he only has a few chances of dancing, he started playing in local milongas. Soon together with some friends they established a local tango initiative and started their own milongas where he takes part as an organizer and TDJ. Although still a novice dancer, his passion for Tango led him to a deeper research of tango culture and music. Although he mostly prefers to dance to lyrical tangos by Carlos di Sarli or Osvaldo Pugliese, he loves keeping the dance floor full of people enjoying vivid "mainstream" tangos from the golden era.