Dear TANGO friends, 

Athens is a European historical city and a great Tango Destination, famous for the advanced level of tango dancers!

Athens Tango Marathon is for tangueros and tangueras who want to dance with great partners, in amazing tango-venues, with well-selected tandas by international star djs.

As always, we try to keep high-level standards with a dream team of International DJs.
At the moment, Athens Tango Marathon is considered as one of the best organized international tango marathons in Europe and you are welcome to discover why!

A well-experienced line up of TDJs, many dancers from all over the world and special guests will be among us just to make this marathon dreamy. 
Meet the well known Greek culture and hospitality!

Be part of our wonderful Athens Tango Marathon! 

Enjoy a lot of priceless fun and much more!

Do not lose time, register yourself, exploit the early-bird prices and book your flight ticket now!

See you on the dance floor! 

Organized with love by TANGart, reflections of tango

What is a tango marathon?

As it sounds it is a long weekend of almost non-stop dancing.


What is the difference between a marathon and a festival?

Marathons do not have shows. They have a smaller number of people - usually balanced in gender, eg: 50% men, 50% women


Who is it for?

In general Tango Marathons are for advanced dancers who just wish to dance and are not interested in classes and shows that you find at festivals. There is usually a limited number of people so there is more space to dance, and in the dancers are from many countries and of a high level.


About Athens Tango Marathon & Participants:

– Number of participants is limited to 160

– Marathon will be gender balanced 50/50.

– A Welcome Programme and info will be at the Registration Desk

– Unlimited Wine, 1 Dinner/Night, Snacks and refreshments are for free during the Marathon

(coffee, tea, water, and sweet cakes, etc.)

– Professional photographer will be among us during the Marathon

– 24/7 Informational support & help from the Organizing Team

- The online registration is a must!